Long Exposure and Night Photography

with Kate Silvia


Dates TBA


Pro Photographers Kate Silvia and Kenny McKeithan will be leading a special long exposure workshop that includes Night Photography. The idea of leaving your shutter open for long periods of time is nothing new to photography. One of the first "fancy" techniques aspiring photographers learn is how to blur a waterfall with a 1/4 to 1/2 second exposure. But long exposures are not limited to waterfalls. With the help of special darkening filters called Neutral Density filters, we can achieve artistic blurring in the middle of a bright sunny day, a time when our cameras' limitations prevent us from leaving our shutters open for more than a split second. After we learn about long exposures with filters, we'll have darkness upon us when we can practice capturing the night sky. It's sure to be a fun, educational evening. 



  • Your histogram and how it can help you get better exposures with every image.
  • How to extend your shutter speed without filters.
  • Adding specialty filters to achieve excessively long shutter speeds.
  • Incorporating the "blur" into your compositions.
  • Pro's and Con's of filter types including threaded, square, variable ND, filter systems, quality, and price.
  • Camera Settings for Night Photo work
  • Night photography composition
  • Light Painting

Workshop Fee $85 per person. See registration page for details.

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