Introduction to Digital Photography

a one day workshop


Without a doubt this is one of my favorite classes to teach. The reason? I can imagine that throughout the country there are hundreds upon hundreds of single reflex cameras sitting on a shelf gathering dust or in a bag at the bottom of a closet somewhere because the owner is intimidated and unsure how to use it. Further, many of these cameras aren't utilized to their fullest potential because, often due to a lack of understanding, they are left in the full auto mode and the camera does all the work. The images that are captured are never as good as they could be. Photography is not hard but, like anything else you wish to get good at, it does require a good understanding of the tools and settings available and when to use them. This is your opportunity to get to know your camera and what it is capable of. Don't be intimidated any longer. Take control of your camera and use it to produce the kind of images that you want. Don't settle for what the camera gives you.


In this class you will learn the basics of file types and image resolution, exposure and the three components that control it - ISO, aperture and shutter speed, exposure modes and how to use them, composition to help you see more creatively, color temperature, white balance and more! 


This workshop runs at various times throughout the year. Check the drop down menu below for the next available date.


Please note that this workshop is intended for the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and is not intended for point and shoot style cameras. If you are in doubt as to whether your camera is appropriate for this class please click HERE for a list of appropriate cameras. No refunds will be given for registering for this class with the wrong equipment.


**This class will be held at the old Charleston Cigar Factory 701 East Bay St. Charleston, SC**

Class time  will be 9:30am to 5pm with a one hour break for lunch ( cost of lunch not included in this workshop)

Registration Deadline Thursday, November 7th.

Workshop Dates