Kenny McKeithan Photography | Essential Composition

Essential Composition

A Compositional Field Technique Workshop

With Kenny McKeithan and Kate Silvia


Composition is one of the most challenging, while at the same time, most

critical aspects of photography. Many people struggle with composition long after

mastering the technical components of their cameras. Join Kate and Kenny for a

full day of compositional instruction. We’ll start with a morning shoot in the

gardens and spend the afternoon enhancing our understanding of composition in

the classroom. It is our goal during this workshop for you to learn not only the

fundamentals of good composition, but to gain the freedom to pursue your own

individual vision in every scene that you encounter. Topics covered will include

(but are not limited to) the “rule of thirds” and when to break it, the use of color,

light, texture, line, form, pattern and shape to enhance your images and draw the

viewer in. How important is perspective? We’ll discover how to create

“meaningful” images together!!


When: Dates TBA

Where: Cypress Gardens, SC

Why: Because you owe it to yourself to learn and have fun doing it!!

How Much: CNPA Members $95 individual

                   $180 for member couples

                    Non Members $105 each

Admission To Cypress Gardens Included

How Many: Limited to 16 Participants

What Should You Bring:

                • Camera and assortment of lenses from wide angle to telephoto

                • Tripod

                • Filters (Polarizer, ND, GND etc...)

                • Remote Release or timer.

                • Lunch, snacks, water.

                • Bug Spray, Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, comfortable shoes, rain gear

                • Laptop

                • Don’t forget your sense of adventure!


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